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  Pre Conference – Workshop:

1. How to write systematic review.

2. How to spin off your research.

3. Travel and adventure medicine in Asia: What physician should aware about fitness to fly and fitness to dive.

4. ASEAN Dengue Research Forum (by invitation only).

The 2nd International Conference on Global Health

Interconnected and systemic health problems lead to challenges on global health. High numbers of drugs resistance, challenge to overcome burden of the non-communicable diseases, HIV/AIDS and TBC outbreaks, clean water availability, and inadequate sanitation closely relate to poverty, starvation, qualified education, economic growth and proper works, energy, industry, and infrastructure problems.
For the last decade, the top ten causes of death across the world have shifted slightly. According to CDC, death caused by communicable diseases have reduced and death caused by non-communicable have increased. This phenomenon is also happening in Indonesia. However, unlike in developed countries epidemiologic transition is not complete: communicable diseases remain as burden. The decline of communicable diseases is very modest thus creating double burden of disease. Additionally, emerging infectious disease has also become a concern.
As the most reputable university in Indonesia, Universitas Indonesia has taken into account to develop solutions to tackle these global health problems. This encourages UI to actively seek global solutions by holding an event in which experts concerned with global health issues and experienced in tackling global health issues can come together and hold discussions. These global health issues may include topics/tracks in medicine, dentistry, public health, pharmacy, and nursing.
The 2nd International Conference on Global Health will be held by Health Sciences Cluster of Universitas Indonesia. This cluster consisted of 5 faculties which are Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Nursing, and Faculty of Pharmacy. This conference will be held annually and is distinguished event for experts, academicians, practitioners, and other people concerned about global health.

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Important Dates
Deadline of Abstract Submission May 31st, 2017 Extended to July 14th, 2017
Deadline of Full Paper Submission August 7th, 2017
Deadline of e-Poster Submission August 7th, 2017
Deadline of Oral Presentation Submission August 11th, 2017
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Conference Topics
  • Health in sustainable development goals, world in 2030
  • Re-emerging and new emerging of communicable diseases
  • International health regulation
  • Global health and aging
  • The global burden on degenerative disease
  • Personalized health in digital age
  • Disaster medicine
  • Multi drug resistant in communicable diseases
  • The burden of HIV for next generation
  • Reproductive health care and human development index
  • The management of neglected diseases
  • New vaccine development to combat infectious diseases
  • Universal health coverage (UHC) and quality of life in Indonesia
  • Occupational and environmental health
  • Shaping the future medical doctors
  • Drug Discovery and Development

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